About us

About us

Our team

Our professional team is unique because of its concern about doing things very well and being consistent in providing a high quality service. This highly professional team comes from our human resources and information technology specialists, and is dedicated to providing an exceptional services.

Our mission

Do you Need a replacement for a vacationer, an extra work, special projects, sick leave, or are you facing any unexpected event? Well, Kartago Services is here to help you, thanks to its permanent or temporary placement services.

Why choose us ?

The ambition of Kartago Services is to offer the best service to you. Our mission is to satisfy your needs, expectations and interests. Our objective is to find the right Solutions by offering a personalized service.


    Commitment of all our employees to abide by a Code of Conduct and Standards


    Criminal record checks are conducted to allow you to select candidates that are safe, honest, and reliable.


    Proof of attestation and compliance with the CSST - DAS - GST – QST


    Free shuttle service to transport your staff.


    Free shuttle service to transport your staff.

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